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09 AGO 2017 takes the IPv6 course to Africa


A partnership with AFRINIC, in Mozambique, provided researchers, academics and members of the government with training

From 18 to 21 of July, professionals of Brazilian Network Information Center ( offered a four-day course on IPv6 to ISPs, academics and members of the local government, in Maputo (Mozambique). As a result of the initiative, which was made possible thanks to a partnership with the Internet Numbers Registry for Africa (AFRINIC), sixteen Mozambican professionals were trained on how to implement the new version of the Internet protocol.

The first day of the course was dedicated to the actions of AFRINIC, and on the following days Eduardo Morales and Tiago Jun Nakamura (both from focused on topics such as a introduction to IPv6 and the importance of its implementation on the Internet, basic functionalities, IPv6 network services and safety, routing, and so on.

“We’ve been offering training on IPv6 for the past nine years, throughout our country, helping thousands of professionals, and creating a huge positive impact on the Brazilian Internet. We were very excited with AFRINIC’s invitation, because in addition to our satisfaction in helping our Mozambican colleagues, this opportunity also implied the recognition of the work we’ve performed here”, said Antonio M. Moreiras, Projects and Development Manager at

Other than the course offered, some universities in Mozambique received copies of the book “Laboratório de IPv6 (‘IPv6 Laboratory’, in English), which features IPv6 practical knowledge experiments, supported by a network emulator.

These are a few photos of the course in Mozambique: